Revealed! How "Abike Jagaban" allegedly planned the botched kidnapping of Folasade Olatunji's mum…..plus the very messy details.

Wonders they say shall never cease to happen as long as there are human beings on the surface of the earth,however there are some wonders that will always shock people to their bone marrows when they hear it.Such is the one we are about to serve you about the number enfant terrible amongst the Nigerian community in the UK – Tolulope Gabah popularly called “Abike Jagaban”.
That the name Tolulope Basira Gabah aka Abike Jagaban in the Nigerian community in Britain and the Republic of Ireland is synonymous with cyber bullying in every sense of the word is just an understatement. Abike Jagaban’s reputation goes before her in the whole of the United Kingdom as many Nigerians in the Yoruba community have been attacked since the notorious Abike started her dirty trade.
Abike who specializes in fabricating stories about her perceived enemies with the intention of creating a permanent defamation on their character is very good at what she does.And for some time now, Abike Jagaban and Folashade Olatunji ( who was initially maintaining a dignified silence when the feud started) have been at loggerheads and the social media is very much inundated with different clips of their public spats.However,that’s a story for another day as Abike Jargaban is currently in a very hot soup as you read this.

According to our informed sources,Abike Jagaban has bitten more than she can chew as she has been directly linked with the botched kidnapping of Folashade Olatunji’s mum as one of her very trusted gang members named Omowonuola Oyebode (who is Lanre Teriba/Atorise’s wife) had actually dumped Abike and has “spilled the beans” on how herself,Abike,Dorcas Adeyinka aka PoloD(Nasiru Adisa’s wife),Otunba Olaniyi “Apo-Ewa”(founder of C&S Church Beulah parish,Dublin – Ireland and Bolly Ray Odumosu(Folashade’s ex-boyfriend) hatched the kidnapping plan in London with Bolly Ray volunteering to show the gang of kidnappers where Shade’s mum lives in Nigeria and how they’re going to pay a sum of 180 thousand naira for the hoodlums.Mrs. Omowonuola Oyebode who roped the duo of Abike and Bolly Ray,according to our very close source also revealed how Esabod’s account was hacked and how her house was burgled by gangs sent by the trio in order to deal with her (Esabod) for supporting Folashade.
Recall that Bolly Ray Odumosu, Folashade’s ex allegedly raped the latter’s niece and aborted pregnancy twice for the minor (who was 15 years old when the incident happened two years ago) and how the case made the headlines in the UK and Nigeria; now, we learnt Folashade has asked the Nigerian Police authorities to expedite action about the attempted kidnap case against Abike, Bolly Ray and other accomplices who have been testified against by one of the culprits who’s already in police custody whilst the case of rape against Bolly Ray is still pending at the popular Panti Police Station in Yaba, Lagos.
However, as you read this,sources close to Folashade Olatunji have informed your ever-reliable news portal of fresh facts about the alleged attempted kidnapping of Folashade’s mum by Abike’s gang.
We have it on good authority that Abike it was who masterminded the failed kidnap attempt of Mrs. Olatunji- Folashade’s mum.The source who narrated how the attempted kidnapping went wrong says Abike’s men failed in their attempt to kidnap Folashade’s mum as Mrs. Olatunji who is said to be a very strong prayer warrior had seen it in a vision and had prayed that God should fight for her by making the whole kidnapping attempt unsuccessful and that God should reveal whoever might want to kidnap her in order to throw her family into problems.
We were reliably informed that luck ran out on the abductors sent by Abike and her gang about three weeks ago to execute the dirty job as they bungled the whole operation. We gathered that the hoodlums actually got to Folashade’s house (somewhere on the outskirts of Lagos) where her octogenarian mum resides but it was Folashade’s quick-thinking sister that saved the day as she out-witted them and saved their aged mother in the process.
As you read this,we gathered Folashade is about to take necessary steps to get Abike to pay for her past deeds even though her gentle mother and people close to her are seriously pleading on Abike’s behalf as everyone knows Folashade has got an ace up her sleeve because of concrete proofs in her custody are indeed enough to send Abike and her gang behind bars.
News reaching us also have it that Abike is now running from pillar to post trying to see how see can “make peace with her adversary before she delivers her to the authorities”. At the moment, sources say she can’t even go about dishing out dirty expletives to whoever crosses her path as her loud mouth is now almost fully locked as most of her close friends are now singing a new tune because news have filtered into their closet that Folashade actually got one of the crooks sent by their friend (Abike) to carry out the dirty job arrested and same is assisting the police in their investigations.
City News can also authoritatively reveal that this cheering news is already sending social media into an overdrive as many Nigerians in London and indeed the whole of the UK are watching with keen interest how this whole saga will pan out in not too distant future and if this will be the very last straw that will break the back of the lady who has been tormenting the lives of many Nigerians in the United Kingdom and indeed Nigeria.

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  1. This is indeed preposterous. Remember that dorcas adeyinka the 2nd in command to abike jagaban also sent people to break miss folashade olatunjis shop, house and car 3 different times. Why so much hatred against a fellow woman. Let her take it up with the authorities.

  2. Before you publish any fake news, verify with facts and don’t be one of those quack bloggers.. Have you gotten any evidences regards that or just mere Hearsay.. You know you can be sued for Defamation of Character.. be Careful!

    • This is not fake.wonuola prooved all in a chat.pls can u shut your dirty stinky mouth.Abike is so young for all this.Mama is 56 years old.she already have grandchildren.you all(abike,dorcas,naomi)are all starting your lives.you have already made a bad name on the internet.How sad

    • Dorcas is that you

  3. I am sorry to say bit this writing does not show true journalism. where is your unbiased stance? your writing is so biased

  4. This is so true with evidences

  5. It’s not a fake new why do ppl hate the truth . You Aj team are bunch of wicked ppl . And mind you she’s not biased. To wicked ppl she is though . Truth is always bitter

  6. You need to get your facts right!!!! All fake!

  7. Cant wait to see those criminals dancing shoki in jail.

  8. this writing is absolutely nonsense and lies. I guess you’ve been paid.

  9. Those who see this as fake news should wake up from their slumber and be current on what is going on around them. She will soon be arrested and jail for this crime alongside with all her cohorts. She is jobless and that is why she resulted into kidnapping business to demand ransom from victims families.

  10. City news do your journalism right before you publish bullshit story, this is why kemi olunloyo tells you people off when you publish stupid fake news. Use your brains and not your ears .

    • Fake news, you have been paid. Do you know how many family esabod and folashade has destroyed by slandering them with fake news in Uk and Ireland?. Can you please ask folashade why she went to Dorcas house? You are biased. Go and learn more about journalism from city people, Global excellence, e247mag etc. So stop spreading fake news like Esabod.

  11. Can u please sum up all the slandering videos these ape called abike has done and make it go viral. Wonuola has already said d truth about her. She is poor n lives a fake life.

  12. Abike..i thought u said u are a learned person Abike not knowing u ‘ve only got a very Low IQ and average Intelligence u can’t deny all these facts as u are the CEO of a terrorising so called anti BuLLY team .stop hiding behind a finger and thinking u are not bn seen.U also promised to bring this writer down Shola Adeyemo for shaming u in public.Ur hands are not clean as u are the one giving out the orders behind closed doors Continue ook we are all watching u our third eye and don’t think we are dumbass like u and ur Co_ horts..

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  14. Keep on working, great job!

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