New Movie : Veteran Zack Orji Is Super Excited About “Miss & Mrs”

It’s not every time movie producers get excited about the prospects of a movie which is yet to hit the location not to talk of premiering stage, but the cast and crew of “Miss & Mrs” can’t wait to hit the ground running as everyone connected to the film is already seeing the flick as a blockbuster.

Miss & Mrs doesn’t only talk about love, deceit, greed and “un-contentment” but also comes across as a well-scripted flick that has didactic messages for viewers and movie-lovers and it will sure appeal to everyone irrespective of age or gender – its message cuts across.

Basically, the story centres around ENEWA and ECHONO (the love of her life).

Enewa is in a serious relationship with ECHONO until she finds herself in a love triangle that will change the course of her life for good and well, er “baaahd”.Don’t ask how as the movie which will soon be premiered in four locations across the country has already received lovely comments from reviewers and top dogs in the nation’s film industry.

And it’s not a surprise that Nollywood veteran ,  Zack Orji (who’s the movie’s lead actor) is full of praises for the writer and producer of the film – Rose Eya Okwoli – for “thinking outside of the box” by putting together a simple, yet interesting flick.

Watch this space as we give blow-by -blow account of the filming, premiere and private screening of Miss & Mrs before it enters the cinema nearest you.

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  1. Let me congratulate you for this landmark achievement. May the almighty continue to widen your horizons. Looking forward to having and watching a copy.

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