Apapa Gridlock: Stop Making Unrealistic Promises…Build On Ambode’s Legacies – Lagosians To Sanwo-Olu

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, governor-elect of Lagos State has promised to decongest Apapa road of trailers and containers causing heavy traffic within the first 60 days of his administration.

Sanwo-Olu made the promise on Saturday during an interactive session with his classmates at the Executive Master of Business Administration class, University of Lagos, 1998/2000 set.

At the event, the governor promised to get rid of the gridlock that has characterized Apapa road for many years irrespective of the politics involved. However, in a sharp reaction to the promise by the suave governor-elect, a cross-section of Lagosians interviewed by our correspondents have sent a note of caution to Sanwo-Olu with a larger percentage of them saying he has to tread with caution on raising the hopes of the people unnecessarily.

Many respondents expressed the hope that Apapa gridlock which has been there for many years and which many successive administrations in Lagos have not been able to tackle will become a thing of the past past someday but it’s not something the in-coming can fix in a matter of six months.

According to Jesse Adeniji, a public analyst and expert in international development, ”the issue of trailers and congestion in the Apapa corridor of Lagos state is not something the in-coming Chief executive of the State can fix in six months just like that. Speaking further, Adeniji advised Sanwo-Olu not to use any issue he meets on his table to play politics but he should strive hard to deal with them head-on.

Recall that Sanwo-Olu himself admitted that ”there is a lot of politics being played around there(Apapa). But no, it cannot be the way we’ll continue to live. We cannot continue to give excuses”, many Lagosians are of the belief that even Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is Sanwo-Olu’s political godfather and who prides himself as a technocrat and the architect of modern Lagos couldn’t fix Apapa during his eight years as the Chief Executive of Lagos.

In the opinion of many Lagosians, Sanwo-Olu should just continue the good works of the out-going Lagos State Governor,Akinwumi Ambode and spare Lagosians of the dirty politics behind the slow progress of development of Lagos State which is the 5th largest economy in Africa and the commercial nerve-centre of the biggest economy in the continent.

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  1. Sanwo-Olu, the incoming governor elect has not only displayed his ignorance, and has learnt nothing from the lessons of life. Talk is always cheap. Babatunde Raji Fashola made a political statement during the political campaign rally in Lagos for President Muhammadu Buhari that any government that cannot provide 24/7 electricity for Nigerians within 6months has no business with governance. Three years on as Minister for power, works and housing is yet to provide light for Nigerians for a week without interruption. If you fail to fulfill this promise as your 100 days in office gift to Lagosians you would have laid your foundation for your failure as a governor of the state. You should start making guarded statements about any visions that you may have for the state if any, putting into consideration well thought out and planned framework for completion and delivery time. You have enough on ground that you can busy yourself with for the next 4 years if the resources that will be available to your administration is properly utilised for the purpose intended. Lagosians are watching with keen interest, and will only accept value for their money.

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