Mauritius Wedding: Odolaye Aremu Calls Out Rotimi Akeredolu For Ignoring Suffering Ondo Masses

His Uselessly: Adawa Super.

In the last 48 hours, the social media has been sent into an overdrive with the reports and pictures of Akeredolu’s daughter’s wedding on the Island of Maritius; City News is glad to serve you the submissions of Odolaye Aremu about the saga. Enjoy!

“Some of these Southwest gubernatorial entities are the laziest we’ve seen in our political history. Obafemi Awolowo is definitely somewhere now shedding bitter tears, on the account of these ‘selected,’ lackluster Falcons playing ten-ten with mere chicks. Fake hounds totally lacking hunting skills. In Yorùbáland we are practically doomed! And to those clamoring for Regionalism, remember we are taking our idiots along with us. Remember they are in the legions too! They are many.

Where some of them are superficially bright, they are exemplary Doofuses when it comes to performance. From attempting to bulldoze our will to building a “Cargo Airport” in a glorified village, to another one commissioning Pots and Pans. The one enthroned in Lagos is entirely lost and sinking in his waterlogged, gridlocked, crumbling, oversaturated, overpopulated State. The fake Barry White of Ondo went and celebrated his daughter’s wedding in Mauritius over the weekend, (nothing wrong in that really if he’s smart and sensitive. But he’s dumb and insensitive to the plight of the suffering masses in his state). The one in Oyo is up and about, but the political piranhas are circling, they’ve sensed blood in the water.

They have a supermodel in Ogun. A ghostly governor. Pancaked. Seen, but never really seen. Heard, but never heard from. The Sleeping Beauty. All hail our very fine Adawa Super Lof Ogun! A man of impressive sartorial detailing”. Even his lips are well waxed with òrí-àmọ́!

Àdolaye wọn Wèrè! Àwọn Arungún!

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