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I’ve made mistakes with my female fans – Bolanle Ninalowo



Award-winning and happily married actor, Bolanle Ninolowo has opened up on some of his past mistakes before God saved him.

Bolanle Ninalowo, a 40 year old dad of two, in a chat with Seye Kehinde said “I do the best I can. One thing I am sure of is the fact that I am not confused. I honestly still carry my pain every day. My pain reminds me of what not to do. I am not a saint. I have made mistakes that God didn’t allow to pull me down. Every day I wake up, I wake up knowing I am privileged.”

Speaking further, Bolanle Ninalowo said “Well, I am highly grateful to God. The most important thing is for people to see me and believe there is God. Let people see me and say oh, there is nothing God can not do. I want people to see me and believe there’s hope because I have been through a lot and to come out this way and have all I have now. I believe in God and He is good all the time.

Everything. I see myself like someone who has a one-on-one relationship with God. I have been through some dark moment in life. It got to a point that the mistakes I created for myself in life was bigger than anything you can actually think of, so it got to a point that it was just me alone in life so I turned to God. I pick up the Bible, read the Bible, I got strengthened through reading the Bible. I was also able to reconnect my life while reading about the life of people in the Bible, like reading the story of David, Saul, Paul. So I connected strongly to the Bible when I was down. I had a very strong faith in God that even me I was surprised I could have a very strong faith in God.

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It is actually worth dancing around the whole world for that success. It’s not all about money anymore, it is like putting yourself in a jungle and believing strongly in God that He will see you through it. God listens and he is magnificent. I have reached a stage in my life that I can take a bullet for God. I couldn’t take a bullet for my wife or my daughter but I could do that for God because He is worth dying for. You need to have been through some certain things in life to understand all I am saying. Pastors can’t tell you that, it is self-test, self-determination, that is just it.

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Honestly, I am a product of lots of failures.  I owe everything that I have achieved to everybody that has been against me. I knew what I wanted to become in life, but the criticism and negativity, the hate, the adversity of life got me serious. My strength to fight it has made me who I have become, so it is not like I am a superman, but me fighting adversities and making sure I am not defeated by what people say made me got to where I am today, so my strength lies in being criticised and since I don’t have duration to my success, I would make sure I change that mindset till I die.

When asked about his marriage, Bolanle Ninalowo said “I honestly don’t like talking about my marriage but all due respect to you. I have messed up a lot honestly. I would tell every woman out there; the worst thing that can happen to any woman out there is dating a dreamer. A dreamer is a lost person especially when the other person doesn’t even know that much. I took advantage in any way I could.  I just thank God I came out in flying colours. I made mistakes, but I am not defined by those mistakes. I can’t change the beginning but I can change the ending. For my marriage: loving my wife and kids is not a favour to them but to me. You are not doing anybody favours when you are doing the right thing.

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But I used to think otherwise when I was young. I used to think I was doing my wife a favour by loving her but I understand better now. A life of peace is a choice. Nobody is smarter than any other person. Everybody is capable of doing what you are doing, so it’s all a choice. I grew up to that level. I also can’t judge the next person because our journey is different, so the moment you know it is all about you and your choice, you will be fine.


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