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Excite Enterprise Launches, Set To Bring Succor To SMEs

Excite Enterprise Launches, Set To Bring Succor To SMEs



Excite Enterprise, a platform basically for Small and medium size enterprise has launched today, Monday, 30th Of November, 2020.


TRIXX NG reports that Excite Enterprise is set to bring solution to the many problems faced by SMEs  in terms of productivity, financial frustration, legal difficulties, finding customers through their well-designed platform.



This publication reliably gathered that Excite Enterprise has partnered with organizations across countries that are willing to provide funds for SMEs that are registered in Nigeria and are eligible for soft loans with little pay back rate.


According to the CEO of Excite Enterprise, Bolaji Okusaga, SMEs have faced a great deal of problem in Nigeria especially in the area of funding because the government can’t reach out to everyone of them, making it known that about 17 million SMEs have been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, hence, the need for Excite Enterprise to come in for the rescue.



One of the partners of Excise Enterprise in the United Kingdom, Mr Andrew explained that the platform has a sole aim to make life easy for SMEs through technology because if the sector is well organized, there will be massive employment in the country.


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He also revealed that one doesn’t need the internet to use the platform especially for places that don’t have strong internet connection



‘Excite platform has a soul aim of using tech to make life easy for SMEs, make payment and receipt easy.


If you need funding, some of ours partners will do that. Payment is key for us, we have also partnered with banks.



You change any economy by providing jobs and changing the narrative for SMEs, if processes are in place where things are simple, there will be massive employment opportunities for everyone if each SME recruit just one person


In Africa, the internet usage is still low, so we need to use the right tech, one of the things we do is using encrypted SMS for payment that doesn’t need data or internet.



The solution becomes almost a calculator on the phone, as long as you have a phone, you will still be able to use the platform.


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For the rural area people, you also get to pick the language you want on the platform, we have solutions that doesn’t have so much reliance on the internet’’



Furthermore, Mr Chinonso Ukwandu, a top official explained that the platform has every featured needed for every SMEs to succeed. He relayed that there are features to help in raising funds, keeping records, building websites, trending on twitter, to mention a few.


‘On our platform, we have several features that include:



Ability to raise funds: We have partnered with several organization to give funds at low rate for pay back, you can work through the processes easily with verification, business plans. we don’t have a limit and much restrictions, once u are a registered business in Nigeria and you need funds, we will fast-track the whole process.


Book keeping tool : the big issue we have in business is documentation, we have a book keeping tool that can help you check your profit and loss, data to tell u what is selling and what is not. We also have a small invoice tool that comes with the book keeping tool.

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Website Building: We have a platform that also helps those who can’t pay to build websites, you can build websites that can give you more packaging , people can easily come and see the services you provide.


Influencer Marketing: We also have a twitter influencer campaign tool where you can insert anything that can make your business trend, we will help it trend for days.



Recruitment and Training: We also have recruitment tool, its important for people to build a team around themselves, we have partners that we share whatever quest you make on our platform.


Once you make a request for a partner, we will give a match for the kind of person you are looking for. As part of the recruitment feature, we have a training aspect there, where you can have little trainings about SMEs. Its totally free, we have started the trainings, and it will run till next year’



To access Excite Enterprise, Log on to, Registration is free for now.


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