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Hawu! Fani Kayode’s Egyptian Girlfriend Dumps Him

Hawu! Fani Kayode’s Egyptian Girlfriend Dumps Him



Toh! Femi Fani Kayode’s Egyptian girlfriend Nesma Galal, has now dumped him,CityNews Nigeria can authouritatvely report.

Recall in November she described Femi Fani-Kayode as “All my stars my everything in my life”.

The ex-Minister responded with the word “My Hatun”, an honorific word for women, equivalent to the English term “My lady.”

However, the love story has gone sour so quickly. Nesma has returned to social media to say the politician is mentally ill, a traitor and liar not worthy to be her husband.


Announcing their break up, she wrote;

“I left this man forever because he did not deserve to be a husband. Because he’s a hallucinogenic man, traitorous, and a liar.
He begged my mother to come back to him again, but it’s impossible to come back to him.

“And I did block him from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp and have all the conversations that prove that he’s begging me and my mother to come back, but I refused forever. This is a traitorous man. He’s mentally ill, I swear”.


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