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Paul ‘Play’ Dairo Explains How Life Dealt Him A Big Blow

Paul ‘Play’ Dairo Explains How Life Dealt Him A Big Blow



Nigeria’s singer and songwriter, Paul ‘Play’ Dairo, speaks to Mobola Sadiq about how he has fared after his health challenge his new looks and other issues.

Read excerpt from the interview below…

You were once one of the reigning stars in the country. What do you miss about those days?

I am not a singer who once reigned. I am still ruling in my genre. My songs are played every day on the radio.


A lot of people are curious to know what you are up to.

I am the Chairman of LYSI Regimen Limited, a mind health and wellness firm. I am also a director of LYSI Mission Foundation. I was recently appointed as a director of entertainment for the Atiku Care Foundation. I am still very active on the entertainment scene. I also have Playground Entertainment, where we manage and develop artistes for record deals. We also produce content for television and radio.

You now wear dreadlocks. What inspired this new look?

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I used to keep my hair in the past but because of my illness in 2009, I had to cut it off. I just wanted to look different.


What message do you want to pass across with your new look?

The message in my new looks is that one has total freedom over one’s life.

Would you say that life dealt you a great blow at the peak of your career?

Yes, I was missing in action for about seven years because of my health challenges but God knows what is best for me.


What were some of the lessons you learnt during your health crisis and afterwards?

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One of the lessons is that nothing is promised and freely given. Trust is a hard road to travel. Do not expect love, support or care from anybody but hold on to God. I only got a call from three celebrities and only one (Azadus) came to visit me when I returned (from the hospital). (Meanwhile), I had loads of them (celebrities) as friends. If you listen to my song, Guidance, you would find that there is a lesson for every human being to learn from (it).

What is your advice to young artistes as regards saving for the rainy days?



Although I am not a financial expert, I would advise young artistes to get a financial manager and invest very wisely.

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What were some of the mistakes you made in the past that you would want people to learn from?



One of the mistakes I made was trusting too much and being too selfless.

What do you miss most about Nigeria?


The truth is that there is nothing to miss (about Nigeria) apart from the love one gets from one’s fans and friends. This country is in need of a fix.




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