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Foluke Martins Bombs ‘Pampered North’ As Nigeria Teeters On The Brink



Social critic and one of Nigeria’s most vocal infuencers has berated the North for its overbearing attitudes towards other regions in the country.

CityNews Nigeria reports that Foluke took to her Facebook page to dress down the North as Nigeria is fast becoming ungovernable for Buhari governmnet.

Below is the full text of her outburst on FB;

‘Decades the Northern Region have been pampered.


Lord Lugard set the ball rolling with his amalgamation. They want everything, yet have nothing to show for their grab it all syndrome.

They depend on the South for virtually everything…yet cheat every tribes of what’s rightly theirs. The entire South labors night and day to put everything at their beck and call. From appointments to college placement. Never growing always with special needs.
Their dependency on the South cannot be overemphasized.

Unruly yet they get away with all sorts of acts of insolence and crimes. Remember the Kano girl, Zainab Aliyu and her counterpart from Zamfara were freed from drugs related offenses in Saudi Arabia and ferried back home.

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Like the proverbial empty barrel they tend to seek attention amidst huge noise.


They feel superior to other tribes. And in extreme cases compelled them to understand and speak their dialect to get certain things done.

They exhume such arrogance…and you wonder why? After taking everything from us, they ain’t satisfied! Now they want our ancestral lands and turn us to slaves. Take our lands and subdue us…God forbid.

The time to wake up from our deep slumber is now.

Since the inception of this hopeless nascent democracy they have the longest years at the helm of affairs. While some regions are yet to take a shot at it.


For all the years of pampering and spoon-feeding, the only compensation fit deem for us is to turn us to cowwws. We allowed them boxed us into a corner.

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Disrespectful… Defiance yet dependence.

Now is the time to have that conversation. We cannot continue… the center no longer hold things fall apart’.



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