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Biden blames Trump’s ‘web of lies’ for US Capitol attack in one-year anniversary speech



Joe Biden called the actions of the insurrectionists and Donald Trump “unAmerican”.

“They want to rule or they will ruin, ruin what our country fought for at Lexington and Concord, at Gettysburg, and Omaha Beach, Seneca Falls and Selma, Alabama, and what we’re fighting for now: The right to vote. The right to govern ourselves. The right to determine our own destiny,” Biden said.

“With rights come responsibilities. The responsibility to see each other as neighbors. Maybe we disagree with that neighbor, but they’re not an adversary. The responsibility to accept defeat, and then get back in the arena and try again the next time to make your case. The responsibility to see that America is an idea, an idea that requires vigilant stewardship.”

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