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VP Osinbajo Shares Photos Of His Never-Seen Moments In 2021(Photos)

VP Osinbajo Shares Photos Of His Never-Seen Moments In 2021



Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Monday posted his favourite photos of the year compiled by his personal documentary photographer Tolani Alli.

He introduced the photos on Instagram with one where he is seen running into his office to pick up a phone call. The picture was taken on April 24, 2021.


Prof Osinbajo said he loved the image for so many reasons which he did not mention. He, however, appreciated the creative excellence put into the work and that which young people across the country put into their works.


“I’ve always expressed how impressed I am with the creative excellence displayed by our population of young people. No one can pretend not to be, and it is only right that we keep encouraging this amazing potential of theirs,” he began.

“One of them, my personal documentary photographer, @TolaniAlli, did some great work documenting some of my never-seen moments in the past year, and with such creative determination that is characteristic of the average Young Nigerian.

“We should keep celebrating and supporting the creative force that is our young people.”

Osinbajo added, “‘I love this image for so many reasons!! Vice President Yemi Osinbajo runs into his office to pick up a phone call so he doesn’t miss it.’”

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