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Protester ‘Attacks’ Deeper Life Church Over Unconventional Music



Anti-indecency campaigner and deeper life member, Prince Dele Banjo has staged a peaceful protest at the Deeper Life Headquarters at Gbagada, Lagos.

The protest is in connection with the introduction of unconventional music to Deeper Life.

Prince Dele Banjo stated:

“We are surprised about the introduction of unconventional music as well as the invitation of Gospel rock stars to Deeper Life. We are also surprised about the invitation of local Christian musicians that are not advocates of modesty to deeper life.


We are surprised because pastor Kumuyi who is our father in the Lord did not raise us his children with such music. Instead, he raised us with modesty, holiness and the belief that we should worship God with our book of hymns alone using low toned and humble songs.

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Pastor Kumuyi was the one that taught us all we know about modesty and holiness, so we are surprised that our teacher is changing direction and he is inviting international Gospel rock stars and local musicians that are not advocates of modesty to come and sing at deeper life.

We strongly believe that as a holiness church, deeper life ought to stick with our choir and our God given hymn book alone. We don’t need unnecessary noise from these American gospel rockstars and these local Christian musicians.

Our God given and humble choir at deeper life that consists of those lovely teenagers, keyboardists and trumpeters is enough for us at deeper life.

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Since he is our father in the Lord, we hereby request an explanation from him; we want to our dear father in the Lord to defend the invitation of rockstars and local Christian musicians that are not advocates of modesty.

We hold in our hands the book of hymns in order to prove to everyone that all we need in deeper life is our God given book of hymns.

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