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Breaking: Abuja School Bus On Fire As Nigeria’s Terrosrists Action Completely Ruled Out



A school bus belonging to Pacemark International Schools has gone up in flames with the driver escaping by the whiskers. There were no students on board.

The incident occurred at 6:30 a.m.


It was an 18-seater bus.

The driver of the school bus told The Gazette he just drove off from the school located at Apo Resettlement Zone E Extension in Abuja, to pick up students.


“I went to the school to pick the bus. It was empty. As I drove out, I started to notice that the vehicle was jerking and jerking. As I slowed down for road make I check wetin dey happen, I noticed that there was fire in the back of the bus,” the school bus driver told The Gazette.

The driver added, “As I no get anything to quench the fire, I rushed out of the bus. That’s how fire burnt the bus.”

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