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Breaking: F1 2022: Mercedes Confirm Lewis Hamilton’s Return

Breaking: F1 2022: Mercedes Confirm Lewis Hamilton’s Return



Lewis Hamilton will continue to race in the 2022 Formula 1 season while representing Mercedes after months of speculation that his time there might be coming to an end.

Although the Englishman could pack his bags and leave at any moment, as Nico Rosberg proved in 2016, the driver and team appear to have agreed to go forward together.

The seven-time world champion broke his two-month silence by announcing his return, with the Brackley-based team posting a response to the seven-time champion

“I’ve been gone. Now I’m back!” Hamilton put on his social media profiles on Saturday.


Now, Mercedes have replied: “Welcome back Lewis Hamilton.”

Even Pele and Serena Williams were excited by the news, welcoming Hamilton back, among other big names in and out of sport. That was before Mercedes‘ own account also expressed their happiness with the news.

Hamilton had been given almost two months’ holidays by Mercedes, and he is expected to get back to work in the middle of this month ahead of the presentation of the new Mercedes machine on February 18.



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