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Google introduces Chrome OS Flex on Windows, others

Google introduces Chrome OS Flex on Windows, others



Google has introduced Chrome OS flex on Windows, Mac and Linus that are manufactured over the last 10 or more years to enable users enjoy features available on Chrome OS device. According to Google’s blog post, the development would be available on certified model list to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience.



The new Chrome OS Flex is aimed at enterprises and educational users who aims to prolong the lifetime of their existing devices, it allows anyone with access to a USB device to use it to give an older PC a new lease on life.


Meanwhile, Google said that the development is still in the testing phase and is not necessarily available on all systems yet. It stated, “Chrome OS Flex is currently released for early access testing and is not suitable for production use. is available for immediate stable deployment. Google will automatically update CloudReady devices to Chrome OS Flex, when Chrome OS Flex is stable.”

It added that some models might not yet work at all, while others might have only minor issues – even models with no issues are potentially unstable and may not be deployed for production.

According to Google, model status verified to work are expected to work with Chrome OS Flex and these devices are only certified if their exact model name and number is included in the certified models list while models with minor issues expected are likely to support at least basic functionality, but are still being worked on by Google team, hence users may run into minor issues.

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What Google is saying

Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex share underlying technology and management tools. When you install Chrome OS Flex on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices, you get most of the features and benefits of Chrome OS. However, Chrome OS Flex has some important differences compared to Chrome OS, which is only available on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebases.


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