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Lewis Hamilton speaks out on F1 kneeling ban after Lando Norris issues strong response

Lewis Hamilton speaks out on F1 kneeling ban after Lando Norris issues strong response



LEWIS HAMILTON has given his thoughts on Formula One‘s decision to scrap their pre-race kneeling ceremony ahead of the new season.


Lewis Hamilton has insisted that more can be done to tackle inequality in Formula One after Lando Norris condemned the sport’s decision to scrap the pre-race kneeling ceremony ahead of the new season. All drivers were given the opportunity to make any gesture they wished to address important issues, such as LGBTQ+ rights and racial injustices, over the course of the last two years.


The ceremony was accompanied by a short video clip of the drivers speaking about various social problems and the need for change before they were allowed to perform their gestures prior to the start of each race.


However, F1 boss Stefano Domenicali recently confirmed that it would be scrapped for 2022 in order to switch the focus ‘from gesture to action’ in a bid to improve diversity and inclusion.

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Hamilton welcomed the decision to push for tangible progress when quizzed on the matter at Thursday’s pre-season test but insisted that more can still be done to tackle important issues within the sport.

Lewis Hamilton offered his thoughts on the situation on Thursday

The 37-year-old has been vocal about the need for motorsport to increase diversity and is helping to push for changes via the Hamilton Commission and his Mission 44 charity.

“It’s about traction now, so that’s something that I look forward to seeing over a period of time,” said Hamilton.

“I had a great call last year with all the teams about getting included in this charter, so that every team is trying to push for diversity.


“I guess just really rather than just talking about these things and making these gestures, actually [it’s about] really pushing.

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“I don’t know whether we need that one moment. We should be able to do it at any stage really.

“But I did feel that the overall slogan last year with all the different things compiled into one, I think we can do more and be more impactful somehow.”



A number of drivers have spoken out against F1’s decision to end their pre-race initiative ahead of the new season.

Lando Norris expressed his view on the move earlier this week by claiming that not enough progress has been made over the last two years to justify scrapping the ceremony.

“I was a bit surprised, I think the issues that we’re tackling are not going to be gone within two years,” said the McLaren driver.

“Therefore I was a bit surprised. I hope that as drivers, we find a way to get together and find a slot of still expressing topics that are important to us.

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The new F1 season will get underway in Bahrain next month

“Probably not all the drivers care, but I think there’s some that really do care. And it’ll be great to get together.

“But probably it was getting a bit too strong and individual for the business side of things.

“I think it’s tricky because we’re still early in the season so it’s not something we have spoken about so much.


“But it will be something we definitely will speak about when the time comes, definitely beforehand, to make sure we are prepared and we’re making the most of the opportunities we can have to speak about whatever matter it is.”

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