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What’s the latest from Ukraine…as Russia attacks country’s second-largest city?

What’s the latest from Ukraine?




In case you’re just joining us, let’s take a minute to recap the latest lines coming out of Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe this morning:

  • Russian troops have entered Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, where they are fighting Ukrainian soldiers on the streets. Local authorities in the north-eastern city say Russian light vehicles have breached its centre and are urging civilians to remain in places of shelter
  • President Volodmyr Zelensky has rejected Moscow’s offer to meet for talks in Belarus. Kyiv says it is ready to negotiate with Russia elsewhere, but not in Belarus as the country is being used by Russia to launch its invasion into Ukraine
  • Also this morning, Zelensky announced that Ukraine is setting up an “international” legion of volunteers for foreigners wishing to join the Ukrainian army in its fight against Russian forces
  • The UK says that despite advances from multiple directions on Ukraine, it believes Russian forces are encountering “stiff resistance” from the country’s army. According to intelligence assessments from London fighting continued last night in Kyiv, but at a lower intensity than the previous night
  • Ukrainian civilians have also been attempting to block the advance of Russian forces peacefully. One video, believed to be recorded in the Chernihiv region, shows local residents halting a convoy of Russian tanks by walking at them en masse
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