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Viral Fuel Souvenir: Panicking Erelu Okin Apologises As Govt Vows To…(VIDEO)

Viral Fuel Souvenir: Panicking Erelu Okin Apologises As Govt Vows To Punish…



The Erelu Okin, Pearl Chidinma Ogbolu, has come out to apologise for sharing fuel as a souvenir at her installation ceremony.

The apology followed the outrage and backlash from Nigerians over the viral video where kegs of fuel with stickers “Erelu Okin Foundation Installation Party” were shared at the ceremony.

“I want to use this medium to apologise for the momentarily indiscretion of bringing fuel Souverniers into the hall.

“My intent was just to show appreciation to my guests for turning up at my event at these hard times.


“I have paused to reflect and truly apologise and I thank you all for your understanding and criticisms,” Ms Ogbolu wrote in an Instagram post on March 5.

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Happening while the ongoing nationwide fuel scarcity continues to bite the masses, the act was shocking to many Nigerians who found it to be insensitive.

The ceremony was the installation of Ms Ogbulu as Erelu Okin of Orile Kemta at the Havillah Event Place, Oniru in Lagos.

Beyond surprising social media followers, guests such as popular Fuji artiste Malaika, who performed at the party, were equally surprised by the choice of souvenir.


“Where is my own fuel? I initially thought it was oil, because it’s common to see that in parties,” the singer sang in Yoruba.

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