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Binance NFT To Launch Real Madrid Player Toni Kroos’ NFT Collection

Binance NFT To Launch Real Madrid Player Toni Kroos’ NFT Collection



As NFTs continue to draw in people from all around the world and all walks of life, celebrities and companies are also banking on the opportunity to be a part of this rapid adoption as well.

The latest personality to join this list is the Football Club Real Madrid and German National Football team player Toni Kroos.

Toni Kroos Goes NFT

The announcement came from the NFT marketplace arm of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance NFT. The marketplace in the Press Release stated,

“The release of the NFTs aims to offer new ways for the player to interact with his loyal fans, all while contributing to the charitable cause Kroos cares deeply about. Binance-based NFTs are environmentally friendly thanks to the usage of Proof of Stake, and are available to a large swath of regular crypto fans, which makes the platform an ideal choice for the player.”

Built with the support of NFTKings, the collection will offer 6500 mystery boxes. In each of these boxes will be an art piece based on the history of Kroos’ career. These NFTs will be divided into four categories ranging from Super Super Rare to Normal.


Furthermore, the Toni Kroos’ NFT holder will also be receiving unique perks and rewards from Toni Kroos himself, which include signed jerseys, memorabilia, and even the chance to have a video call with the player.

NFT for Charity

Through this NFT sale, Toni Kroos also intends on reaching out and supporting the needy. A part of the revenue earned from this sale will be donated to the Toni Kroos Foundation. This money will then be directed towards helping sickly children and their families and the UN Refugee Agency.

Adding to the same, Toni Kroos said,

“It’s an entirely new way of interacting with your fans, almost like player cards in the digital age. For me it’s all about making my fans happy while supporting children suffering from debilitating sickness who are helped by the Foundation.”

NFTs and crypto donations have become a transparent as well as an efficient method of donations to help those who need it.


One of the most significant living proof of the same is the support received by Ukraine during the ongoing invasion by Russia.

Beyond donations in cryptocurrency, a Ukraine flag NFT was also sold for over 2,250 ETH, worth approximately $7.15 million today.

These efforts highlight the potential crypto holds in bringing people together at a level playing field and providing a much more efficient method of finance that is immediate, immutable, and unhindered.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire

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