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2023: Shettima will use Tinubu’s weak health to ‘stab him fom the back ’ –  Omokri



A former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has described the Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Kashim Shettima, as a manipulative human being.

Omokri said Shettima wants to be president, using the party’s presidential candidate as a ladder.

Omokri spoke on Wednesday in reaction to Shettima’s verbal attack on Tuesday.

Shettima had stated that the APC would defeat Atiku and banish him to Dubai, saying a man who could not unite his party would not be able to unite Nigerians.


Reacting, Omokri maintained that Shettima only wants to be President, and sees Tinubu as his shortcut to Aso Rock.

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According to him, the former Borno governor had deliberately insulted Atiku so the PDP would leave Tinubu and face him, adding that it was a bait the PDP should not take.

“Kashim Shettima is a very manipulative human being. He does not dislike Atiku. He only wants to be President, and sees Tinubu as his shortcut to Aso Rock. So, he deliberately insulted Atiku so the PDP will leave Tinubu and face him. It is a bait the PDP should not take,” he said.

Omokri claimed that Tinubu is the weak link on the APC ticket, stressing that his health, parental background, education, age and his criminal records are all disqualifying factors.

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“Tinubu is the weak link in this ticket. His health, his parental background, his education, his age, and his criminal history, are all disqualifying factors.

“Shettima has rightly calculated that they will lose if that is the conversation. This attack is a preemptive strike. The PDP ought to stay focused on the weakest link. If Tinubu falls, the entire domino chain falls,” he declared.

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