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Datti Ahmed: Tinubu’s ‘disgrace’ Comment On Obi Disrespectful, Unpresidential



Datti Baba-Ahmed, vice-presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), says the recent comment by Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) against Peter Obi is “disrespectful”.

Baba-Ahmed said this on Thursday at a media briefing in Abuja.

Speaking recently at a rally in Delta state, Tinubu, APC presidential candidate, had said it is a “disgrace” for him to mention the name of Obi, LP presidential candidate.

Speaking on the development, the LP vice-presidential candidate said the APC has resorted to derogatory remarks because they have nothing substantial to campaign with.


“In the squabble for second and third positions, some erstwhile major political parties appear to have crossed the boundaries of decency to transgress our peaceful activities and our focus on political schedules,” Baba-Ahmed said.

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“It is unfortunate that despite the noble objectives of this initiative, disinformation and misinformation about the Labour Party and its candidates have become fashionable in this election season.

“As if those were not enough, just a few days ago, the presidential candidate of the APC, speaking in Delta state and referring to our presidential candidate, said it was a disgrace to mention his name.

While our candidate is quite comfortable with not being mentioned, it is most unpresidential, indecorous, and disrespectful from the candidate who claims his turn at Nigerian presidency.


“APCs strategy against Peter Obi now appears very clearly centred on promoting falsehood, in addition to empty and derogatory personal attacks, and of course, this is because they can find no contentious points of negativity to push.”

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Baba-Ahmed added that the 2023 elections will be different as Nigerians are now aware of the dangers of ethinic and religious politics.

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