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Prince Harry ‘Plans New Attack’ As Spare’s ‘Fierce, Vengeful Attacks’ Make It A Bestseller

Prince Harry ‘Hatches New Plan’ As Spare’s ‘Fierce, Vengeful Attacks’ Make It A Bestseller



Prince Harry 'Hatches New Plan' As Spare’s ‘Fierce, Vengeful Attacks’ Make It A Bestseller

Prince Harry was allegedly out for revenge when he published his record-breaking 416-page bombshell memoir Spare on January 10th, if we are to believe a royal expert’s opinion. Speaking on RNZ’s Nights with Karyn Hay podcast, British royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said the Duke of Sussex, 38, “seems to want revenge” on the royal family, hinting that he thought the entire notion of the memoir was “a bad idea,” despite the New York Times writing that its first-day sales exceeded those of some of its most popular titles, including Barack Obama’s A Promised Land and Michelle Obama‘s Becoming.

According to the book’s publisher, Spare reportedly sold a combined 1,430,000 copies on its first day alone in the US, Canada and the UK, which now holds the record for the most first-day sales for any nonfiction book published by Penguin Random House. Wow!

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Royal Commentator References Prince Harry’s ‘Vengeful Attacks On The Royal Family’

On the podcast, Fitzwilliams, 73, interestingly went on to reference the Duke of Windsor’s memoir after he abdicated the throne, but said it was nowhere near as controversial as what Prince Harry published!

“Even the Duke of Windsor, 15 years after the abdication, he published the King’s Story, but this was a completely different era and the book, although it caused some controversy, was nothing like this,” he said, adding, “These are direct, fierce, vengeful attacks on the royal family.”


“He seems to want revenge,” Fitzwilliams said very frankly.  “Also, the word ‘spare,’ overshadowed by his brother, the heir and the spare, was always bitter, but I don’t think anyone thought the book could be quite as vengeful and angry as it is.”

He also wondered what the Sussexes’ “long-term goal” is following their allegations against the royal family as the world is still unsure whether they will attend – or even be welcome at – King Charles’ coronation in May this year.

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Allegedly ‘Pursuing A Vendetta’ Against The Royal Family

This isn’t the first time Fitzwilliams has expressed these opinions about Prince Harry and Meghan. Last month, he said they had released an “avalanche” of material for the royal family to deal with following the release of their Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries, telling GB News that he thought they were pursuing a “vendetta” against the royal family, calling their rift “unprecedented” and “bitter.”

“For the last six weeks, there has been an avalanche of material from the Sussexes,” Fitzwilliams began. “In December the six-hour Netflix docuseries preceded by several trailers aired. A brief truce over Christmas was ended when Harry’s memoir Spare and several television interviews promoting it had vast international coverage.” Fitzwilliams then said, “He appeared to threaten another memoir when asking for an apology from the royal family in the recent Telegraph interview,” referencing last month’s interview with The Telegraph whereby Prince Harry said he actually had enough material for two memoirs, but left *so much* out because he didn’t think the family would ever forgive him.

“This really is unprecedented territory and the Sussexes, in pursuing their vendetta against the royal family, are totally unpredictable,” Fitzwilliams added. “There are rumors that Meghan may write her memoirs. The rift with the royal family is both public and bitter and I cannot see how Harry or Meghan could possibly be trusted in any future dealings with them as the coronation approaches.”

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