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Formula One: Lewis Hamilton Blasts Restrictions On Free Speech In F1



Formula One legend, Lewis Hamilton claims that he will continue to speak out on important issues despite the limitations placed on drivers’ freedom of speech.


Lewis Hamilton is the latest driver to express dissatisfaction with a new regulation banning F1 drivers from making “personal, religious, and political comments” without permission.

In his reaction to the new rule, Hamilton said, “Nothing will stop me from speaking on the things I am passionate about.

“The sport has a responsibility to speak out and create awareness on important topics, particularly as we are traveling to different places. So nothing changes.”


The new rule is just one of many problems that Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s administration has faced so far.

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The 61-year-old Emirati wrote teams last week to inform them that he would be reducing his daily involvement in Formula 1 competition. Senior officials who expressed worry about his behavior sparked the action.

Hamilton has led Formula One‘s recent initiatives to educate the audience about subjects like diversity and human rights.

Drivers who voice their opinions may face penalties under the new regulation, including being disqualified from racing.


“It would be silly to say I would want to get penalty points for speaking out on things but I am still going to be speaking my mind”, Hamilton said.

“We still have this platform. The support of Stefano has been amazing and all the drivers have been very much aligned on freedom of speech.” 

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