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#Japa: Three Simples Ways To Emigrate To Canada



There are a few ways to migrate to Canada without a job offer:

  1. Education – if you can afford it, get a Canadian Education, preferably a Graduate (Masters) degree. You’ll be given a 1–3 (usually 3) years Post Graduate Work Permit on graduation.
  2. Skilled Worker – You can look into Canadian Residency application. Canada is always looking for skilled workers. What skills do you have? Check for skills Canada is looking for to see if you’re a good fit.
  3. Spousal sponsorship – If you meet a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident as a future partner, they’ll sponsor you to migrate to Canada.
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To the poster, if you have been asked to find a job before immigrating to Canada. Search the Canadian job websites: Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Jobrapido, etc. for jobs in your field. You have to understand that whoever will employ you has to provide an LMIA (Labour Market Assessment) to the Canadian government to prove that there’s no other Canadian who can do that job.

However, even though eligibility states you need to have a job offer, I’m sure you are approaching it wrong. If you start the application, you should be able to create a job profile & link to the job bank.

What matters is that your skills are listed as one of the skills currently needed in Canada. You don’t need to have a job to apply. Although if you have a job offer, it’ll increase your points, give you a very high score & enable you to be selected from the pool quicker than others.


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