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Royal Family Won’t Accept Prince Harry’s Demands For The Coronation

Royal Family Won’t Accept Prince Harry’s Demands For The Coronation



Royal Family Won't Accept Prince Harry’s Demands For The Coronation

Royal experts warn that Prince William and King Charles seem ‘adamant’ about refusing to acquiesce to Prince Harry’s demands ahead of the coronation. This claim comes from royal analyst and author Valentine Low. Low referenced an insider that told The TimesPrince Harry’s invitation for the coronation won’t be “wrapped in an apologetic bow,” instead “It will be, ‘Here is an invitation. Let us know if you are coming.’”

Prince Harry Seeking ‘Apology’ Before Committing To King’s Coronation

“So in summation: While Harry and his family face being left out of things for the coronation, his Pa and sibling have refused to bow to his demand they admit they were in the wrong, while the family of Camilla, the woman that Harry said ‘left bodies in the street’ in Spare, will likely melt hearts and social media algorithms,” per the insider.

This comes after Spare, a highly anticipated book where Prince Harry details his childhood and the traumatic death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. The groundbreaking memoir also discussed his troubled teenage years, his deployment to Afghanistan, his relationship with his brother and father, and his marriage with Meghan Markle. It was released on January 10, 2023, and was accompanied by many major broadcast interviews. According to Guinness World Records, Prince Harry’s memoir became “the [fastest-selling] non-fiction book of all time” on the date of its release.

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Invitations For King Charles III’s Coronation Are Going To Be Sent Out Soon

Harry previously refused to commit to attending his father’s coronation on May 6 unless King Charles III and his brother, Prince William are “willing to sit down and talk about” his allegations against the royal family. In an ITV interview on January 8, before his Spare memoir was released, the Duke of Sussex emphasized that while “the door is always open” for reconciliation, “the ball is in their court.” Harry is keen on getting an apology from Charles and William.

According to The Times, however, a source claimed the royals do not believe that “an apology is owed.” Harry and Meghan, the insider said, are expected to receive an invitation to the coronation, but the source added, “I don’t think it will be wrapped in an apologetic bow. It will be, ‘Here is an invitation. Let us know if you are coming.’”

Harry and his wife have also claimed that Buckingham Palace was “planting” negative stories about Meghan to distract the media and public from coverage of other members of the royal family (i.e. Prince Andrew, who is reportedly being kicked out of the Windsor home ahead of the coronation). Some insiders have suggested that Harry may end up attending the coronation without Meghan, who may choose to stay in America to celebrate their son Archie’s fourth birthday, as it falls on the same day.

In January, it was reported that Charles might be willing to extend the olive branch to Harry so he could attend the coronation. The Times‘ source suggested that this may still be true because the King is still “more than happy to sit down and have a conversation with [Harry] about everything that has happened.”

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“But it would not be a one-way street,” the source continued. “He would be happy to talk and listen and understand. He has always tried to understand his son, even if he might not agree with him.”

Harry’s brother William, on the other hand, is reported to be less open to having a conversation. Reports suggest that William is concerned Harry will overshadow the event and use it as a chance to pull a “stunt.”

A source recently told the Daily Mail: “The relationship [between William and Harry] isn’t even rock bottom now, it’s non-existent. And I just don’t see, if Harry were to come to the coronation, how William could even bring himself to look his brother in the face.” Yikes! We guess we’ll have to see if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend King Charles III’s coronation in May.


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