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Ikorodu women vow not to vote APC next Saturday if they’re not paid for voting during the presidential election



Women in Ikorodu have staged a protest to demand payment for voting during the presidential election


The video was posted on Twitter with the caption, “Ikorodu women protest unpaid ‘funds’ after voting Apc in the last election.”



One of the protesters, who spoke in Yoruba, said: “Ikorudu took first in the elections. He saw the most votes in Ikorodu, why did they not give the canvasser money?


“We don’t have good leaders in Ikorodu. We will not vote in Ikorodu, the canvasser will not come out unless we see our money.


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“If we don’t see our money, canvasser will not canvass. He will stay inside, we will not vote. That is it, we must see our money.”


This comes one week to the governorship election.

Watch the video below.





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