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Breaking: Residents Call Out Popular Abuja Property Developer,Bernard Ekwe Over Alleged Gross Negligence



Residents of Pleasant Places (Estate) located at Apo Dutse,Abuja have called out Mr Bernard Ekwe, and his company, Clobek Nigeria Ltd., (a real estate firm in Abuja) of negligence following various acts of negligence and total disregard for human lives in the estate as residents ‘have witnessed so many unpalatable experiences within the esate in the last two years’.


CityNews Nigeria gathered that the residents of the estate having endured the security breaches and incessant power outages depsite the promise of 24-hour electricity supply by Mr. Bernard Ekwe‘s Pleasant Places Estate as enshrined in the contractual agreement by the developer. This online medium also learnt that residents have had to pay through their nose for the cost of powering generating sets in the estate but were not left in total darkness even after paying for diesel to power up the generating sets(which is meat to be a back-up for PHCN).

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CityNews Nigeria also learnt that Mr. Ekwe and his wife (who is the deputy Managing Director of Clobek Nigeria Limited) have been accused of high-handedness in the way they manage the estate which has, over the years put residents on their toes as far as security is concerned.



The angry and dissilusioned residents told CityNews Nigeria under condition of anonymity that the estate security arrangement leaves much to be desired as there are many security loopholes which Mr. Bernard Ekwe and his wife Clara who both run the company managing the estate as propert developers and facility managers have failed to address despite bitter complaints fom residents.

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In a brazen act of defiance and impunity, the owners of the estate Pleasant Places (Estate),Mr Bernard Ekwe and his wife have continued to act in a manner which equates them with ‘the powers that be’ in Abuja as some residents have in the past notified relevant authorities concerning their atrocities but it all fell on deaf ears.


CityNews Nigeria tried to reach Mr. Bernard Ekwe to hear his side of the story but he could not be reached on phone.

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