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Jamie foxx’s loved ones are reportedly preparing for the worst



Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized over a month after suffering an undisclosed medical emergency, and it was recently learnt that his condition may be more serious than we first realized.

Now, it sounds like the actor’s status has deteriorated even further.

Although Foxx’s daughter released a statement shortly after he was taken to hospital, reassuring fans that her father was “already on his way to recovery,” we have a not-so-positive update to share.

According to several different outlets, Foxx’s loved ones remain “hopeful” that he will recover, but are also “preparing for the worst.”


The exact nature of Foxx’s condition still hasn’t been disclosed, but there’s a lot of speculation that he suffered a stroke.

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Whatever happened, he wouldn’t be in hospital this long if there wasn’t something seriously wrong. However, previous reports have suggested that doctors simply want to make sure that he is fully stable before discharging him.

Until we learn more, we’ll just have to hope for the best and keep Jamie and those closest to him in our thoughts.


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