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PSG Star, Hakimi’s Ex-Wife To Take Luxury Car In Divorce Settlement



Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) superstar, Achraf Hakimi is reportedly set to lose his €300,000 luxury car, a Mercedes Benz AMG G36, to ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, according to Car magazine Tork.

The Moroccan defender recently divorced the actress, who had claimed half of his fortune.

However, she won’t receive any of it, as all of Hakimi’s properties are registered in his mother’s name.

Abouk, a well-known actress and model, according to the latest reports will take Hakimi’s eight-seater SUV vehicle.


The couple began dating in 2018 while Hakimi played for Real Madrid, and they divorced earlier this year.

Regarding the divorce settlement, Abouk expressed her lack of attachment to material possessions, telling Cuatro, “I have zero attachment to the material things. I left home with one hand in front and the other behind, without the support of my family.

“But I had to do it because my environment was not going to allow me to grow or be free. It was either my life or theirs, and I decided to fight for myself.”

Speaking with Journalist Maria Patino on wanting half of the player’s fortune she said, “Hello, Maria. It is the macho and misogynistic world in which we live. Taking into account that, when we started the relationship, he did not earn money, and I was better known than him.


“The good thing is that what they say no longer affects me. I want to be discreet so that tomorrow doesn’t affect our family. I have faith in justice and in common sense, which is on my side.”

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