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Elegushi releases fresh updates on Queen Sekinat days after speaking on her BBL surgery



The palace of Elegushi has once again updated worried netizens on the state of Queen Sekinat’s life days after speaking on her BBL Surgery.

After debunking news about the surgery, there is a report making rounds that the first wife of Elegushi, Queen Sekinat, is dead.

A new statement claimed the queen is hale and hearty and blogger Kemi Ashefon confirmed this in a phone call to the Queen, who denied the rumours about her death.

“I am alive and not dead! Abike should tell the world again which queen is dead, Nothing is wrong with me,” Oloori Sekinat said.

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The rumours about the elegant queen’s death were allegedly circulated by one London based Nigerian blogger, Abike Jagaban, who claimed the Queen’s aunt announced her death to her amidst tears!

KFN reported that controversial gossip blogger, Cutie Julls had alleged that the famous wife of the monarch was battling for her dear life overseas.

According to the blog, she underwent BBL surgery, but unfortunately for her, things didn’t go as she planned as she is allegedly battling for her life.

“One of our very famous Kabiyesi’s Olori is battling her dear life in one of Hausa people’s Obodoyinbo.

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They say as Kabiyesi likes big Yansh so our beautiful Olori decided to go add a little more.

Sources inside the palace revealed at this point, the palace needs everybody’s prayers more than anything else.

We pray for God’s intervention for the famous royal family”.

Though the blog didn’t mention name, many decoded that she was referring to Olori Sekinat.


Addressing the rumours in a press release by the palace on Monday, the royal family described the rumours as the wicked imagination of the authors.

According to the statement, the senior wife of the long is hale and hearty and going about her royal business.

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The Palace also appreciated friends and family members of the monarch for their concern and love.

It added that legal action would be taken against anyone peddling false rumours about the royal family.



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