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Assault: Made Kuti Speaks About ‘Abandoning His Uncle, Seun Kuti’



Nigerian singer and nephew to embattled musician Seun Kuti, Made Kuti, has finally addressed his trolls over his lack of support for his uncle.

CityNews Nigeria reported that Femi Kuti was arraigned in court on Monday and many Nigerians went on Made Kuti’s page to accuse him of not being there for his uncle’s arraignment.

Proving them wrong, Made Kuti shared a photo of him and his father, Femi Kuti in the court premises.

He stated that he doesn’t live for social media and like the fact that he has to post things to prove himself.


Made Kuti cautioned the trills to accept that there’s much more to life than what people see on their phones.

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“At court yesterday, I don’t like that we have to post things on social media to show/prove we’re doing everything we can as a family. But here you go.

Because of this many are cursing at us under my father’s last post, swearing at us for doing nothing. We just accept there’s much more to life than what we see on our phones”.

Made Kuti slams trolls over uncle Seun Kuti



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