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Nollywood: Why I Won’t Pray For The Late Murphy Afolabi — Islamic Cleric



An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Yelma’e has stated that he cannot pray for the departed soul of actor Murphy Afolabi due to the actor’s roles in movies that go against Islamic teachings.

In a video clip shared on social media, the cleric expressed his refusal to pray for Afolabi, noting that the actor often portrayed characters like herbalists that are considered forbidden in Islam.

Reflecting On Portrayals In Films

The cleric emphasized the need for religious teachers and students to contemplate the portrayal of actions that contradict Islamic teachings in movies.

He said, “What we posted yesterday was that we cannot pray for (late) Murphy Afolabi because in the movies he usually acts, and particularly Yoruba movies, it has a lot of forbidden things including traditional sacrifices and it is rare for the actors not to be involved in such traditional sacrifices.

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“They might be acting that way with the thinking that they are joking but anything that has to do with Almighty Allah should not be joked with. Acting like a herbalist, witch, or wizard, is against Islamic teachings and Islam is against such actions.

“What will make a Muslim start using what nonbelievers do to make people laugh? It is common in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo films, but mostly in Yoruba films. I feel it is time for religious teachers and students to start looking into these issues.

“When any of these actors with a Muslim name acts like a herbalist in Yoruba movies and later dies, it becomes hypocritical for people to expect us to pray for them. As for Murphy Afolabi, I won’t pray for him, and neither will I curse him because he might not know.”

A lecturer in Film and Media Arts, at Lagos State University, Dr Femi Olugboji, commented on the cleric’s stance, mentioning that scholars have debated the portrayal of human images in Islam.

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Olugboji emphasized the importance of considering the intent and content of Afolabi’s acting roles.

He raised questions about whether the actor’s actions aimed to correct societal ills or to mislead the public.

He added, “The cleric to some extent may be wrong… What exactly does the cleric know about the media and media content? He is looking at the issue from his personal belief and not Islamic religion.”

Understanding Audience Needs

Olugboji further emphasized the need for movie practitioners to understand the desires of the audience and to create media content that aligns with their expectations.


He stated, “If the audience felt that Murphy Afolabi’s works during his lifetime were misleading, he wouldn’t have been as popular as he was when he was alive. This means that to a large extent, he achieved a goal in society through his works.”

Naija News had earlier reported that the actor died on Sunday and has been buried.

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