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Kogi 2023: Uncertainty On Muri’s Educational Background As He Submits WAEC, Ododo BSc



With the release of the final list of candidates for the upcoming governorship election in Kogi State, mixed reactions have ensued concerning the academic qualifications of the candidates. The academic credentials of Muritala Ajaka of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Ahmed Usman Ododo of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have become a subject of discussion among political observers and the general public.

Muritala Ajaka, the SDP candidate, has submitted his West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate as his educational qualification. This has raised eyebrows and sparked debates as to whether a WAEC certificate is sufficient for a gubernatorial candidate, considering the complexity of the role and the level of education typically expected from aspirants to such positions.


On the other hand, Ahmed Usman Ododo, the APC candidate, has submitted his bachelor’s degree as proof of his educational qualification. This move has generated contrasting opinions, with some commending Ododo for meeting the expected academic standard and others arguing that his qualification has placed him ahead of Muri.

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Political analysts have emphasized the need for voters to focus on the candidates’ qualifications, experience, leadership qualities, and vision for the state. They assert that education is important and should be one of the major determinant factors for a candidate’s suitability for public office.

Supporters of Muritala Ajaka believe that his WAEC certificate demonstrates his ability to excel academically despite not having a higher degree. They argue that practical experience and a strong track record in public service should be given more weight in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the governorship role.

Meanwhile, supporters of Ahmed Usman Ododo emphasize the importance of higher education in equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively govern a state. They argue that a bachelor’s degree signifies a higher level of education, which could translate into better decision-making and policy formulation.

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has stated that it is within the legal framework for candidates to present either a WAEC certificate or a bachelor’s degree as their educational qualification for the governorship position. As such, both Muritala Ajaka and Ahmed Usman Ododo have met the minimum requirements to contest in the election.

As the election date of November 11th draws closer, the electorate in Kogi State will ultimately have the final say in determining the suitability of the candidates. The choice between educational qualifications and other factors, such as experience, charisma, and political ideologies, will undoubtedly shape the outcome of the gubernatorial race.

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It remains to be seen whether the academic qualifications of the candidates will be the deciding factor for the voters or if other aspects of their candidacy will take precedence. Nonetheless, the Kogi State gubernatorial election promises to be a closely contested battle, with the electorate carefully evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate before casting their votes.


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