Bernie Sanders Reveals What Will Happen If Trump Doesn’t Concede Election

A ranking member of the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders has reacted to victory of Joe Biden in the ongoing presidential election in the United States.

Sanders was in race for the democratic ticket for the presidential election before he pulled out in August, paving for Biden to emerge the democratic presidential candidate without much of a challenge.

Reacting to victory of his party man and former rival, Sander says whether President Donald Trump concedes the election or not, Biden will be sworn into office.

Trump, who has consistently questioned the transparency of the election and has rejected the victory of Biden, he has also filed multiple lawsuits to challenge the election.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, had earlier said his client will not concede the election.

But speaking with CNN shortly after Biden was projected the 46th US president, Sander said Trump’s refusal to concede the election is inconsequential.

“Whether Trump concedes or not, is not relevant. Biden has won the election, he’s going to be inaugurated. We remain a country that believes in a constitution,” he said.

“I don’t envy Joe Biden in terms of the enormous, enormous challenges he faces… our job right now is to bring people together around an agenda that works for all people.

“This election was about whether or not we remain a country that believes in the constitution, that believes in the rule of law and that believes in democracy. And thank God, democracy won out


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