The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has noted that the rotation of presidency is not the solution to Nigerian’s problem.

Kanu stated this in a post on his Twitter account on Saturday.

The IPOB leader wrote, “The @NGRPresident is a microcosm of Nigeria, a mini-Nigeria. It represents what ails Nigeria from the top. If you think rotational presidency is the SOLUTION, think again.”

“The tail does not wag the dog. The dog wags the tail. Ending Nigeria is the solution & it lies with you.”

Kanu attacked the ruling All Progressives Congress over calls for restructuring of the nation.

“Why are you still hung up on RESTRUCTURING when it is in the Manifesto of @OfficialAPCNg, which even had a Panel on it, headed by @elrufai? If they didn’t do restructuring after winning TWO elections on promises of it, what makes you think they will still do it? Think! #Biafra,” Kanu added.