Senior Pastor, Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Sunday went both historical and futuristic to help his friend, President Muhammadu Buhari, retool and avoid the curse of second term.

In his annual State of the Nation Broadcast given on Easter Sunday, the cleric also disclosed that he had handed the president a blueprint for national reconciliation since the commencement of his first term, in 2015.

The president has obviously not found a use for the said blueprint.


The 2021 edition was with the theme: “The Conspicuous Handwriting on the Wall.”

He said on anti-corruption, President Muhammadu Buhari must be guided by the understanding that the anti-corruption war will truly be won, not merely by the force of prosecution, but, more fundamentally, by a national moral compass and the deliberate and strategic integration of the Nigerian people into true nationhood.

“If citizens have a definite stake in their nation, not only will they not steal from the national purse, they will also do everything legal and let imitate to, rid the nation of those elements who seek to sabotage the common good through corruption.

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“We need to bring the Nigerian people together into one unifying national agenda. PMB may institute, by an executive order, a vehicle in the form of a Presidential Commission for National Reconciliation, Reintegration and Restructuring or Rebirth, however so named, the details of which I have presented to him, since the commencement of his first term in office,” he said.

Alluding to the dangers of overconfidence which political historians in America have come to dub the second-term curse, that usually messes up re-elected presidents, Bakare noted that the insecurity in the land might bring the curse on the Buhari administration.

Though racing against time, he believed the administration could still finish well and strong if it would harken to the restructuring cries.

The cleric mapped out his understanding of restructuring thus: “Restructuring does not mean the dismemberment of the Nigerian State. It is not an attack on Nigerian unity. It does not mean disadvantaging any section of the country. Restructuring means empowering the North West, the North Central, the North East, the South West), the South South and the South East so that every part of our country will be safe and prosperous. Show me one person who does not want this for our country, and I will show you an enemy of Nigeria.

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“Unfortunately, the insecurity and instability now raging across the nation are the results of our national failure to ct on this truth over the years. Because we have failed to guarantee effective regional governance, a regional governance vacuum has been created. The insecurity in our country is the attempt by regional non-state actors to fill that regional vacuum.

“The greatest demand on the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is to facilitate the emergence of legitimate regional governance frameworks that can fill the vacuum and flush out the illegitimate structures.

“In the two years left of this administration, the president needs to make an executive decision to approach the restructuring question from a three-pronged perspective targetted at his administration’s three-point agenda, namely; security, economy and anti-corruption.”

Breaking his proposal down, Bakare said: “On security, PMB must intensify the clampdown on terrorism and banditry, by expanding support to the armed forces in terms of technology, armoury, logistics, prompt action on military intelligence, as well as inspirational leadership to sustain the morale of the newly-appointed service chiefs.

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“The devolution of policing powers to the subnational governments must be prioritised. State governments must be empowered to form local police forces and to provide cutting-edge training and equipment, for these forces.”

In his prognosis of the multiple crises bedeviling the country, Bakare noted: “Nigeria has two fundamental problems; one at the level of nationhood and the other at the level of statehood. The first fundamental problem of the Nigerian nation is the absence of such unifying leadership that can redeem Nigerians from our diverse ethnic and religious identities and integrate us into a common national identity.

“The second fundamental problem of the Nigerian state is our inability to manage a sustainable and balanced relationship between the centre and the federating units.

“If urgent, decisive action is not taken, insecurity may be the second-term curse of the current administration. This is the conspicuous handwriting on the wall.”


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