What Toke Makinwa Said About Her Plastic Surgery

Toke Makinwa has spoken out for the first time on undergoing plastic surgeries on her body.

The media personality in a question and answer session on her new episode of Toke Moments on Youtube said she had surgery done on her body and had a lip filler.


Giving reasons, Toke said she enhanced her body to look better and curvy in clothes.


The 36-year-old, however, added that she does not regret undergoing surgery.


Toke said: “Yes I worked on my body but my breast is real. I had a lip filler because I wanted to launch my lipstick brand but now I dont think it is necessary.


“Also I enhanced my body after I got my fibroids removed. I did that because I wanted to feel better in clothes.


“I do not regret enhancing my body because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I wanted to look curvy and I love it.”


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