Covid-19: 875 people commit suicide during lockdown period in Nepal

A total of 875 people have committed suicide during the lockdown period in Nepal. The country has been under lockdown since March 24.

According to the data compiled by the Nepal Police, the suicide cases across the country increased by 16 percent in the first month of the lockdown. A total of 482 suicide cases were filed during mid-March to mid-April in police stations across the country against 414 cases for the period between mid-February and mid-March.

The data compiled by Nepal Police suggests that the number during the lockdown is considerably high and 38 people had committed suicide in the Kathmandu valley alone.

The highest number, 742 died by hanging themselves followed by 114 people who committed suicide by consuming poison. The deceased had used burning, stabbing, drowning, jumping from heights as major ways of attempting suicides during the review period.

“The suicide cases have been recorded as of May 16,” said Niraj Bahadur Shahi, spokesperson of Nepal Police adding that the Nepal Police was updating the data of suicide cases after that.


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