Dayo Adeneye and Kenny Ogungbe

I have known and followed these “Siamese twins” (conjoined at the heart) for over 30 years. I’m intrigued by their friendship and inseparability. I never told them this, but I truly admire and envy their relationship. They may not be the only ones but suffice it to say that true and long-lasting friendships are possible even for the oft unpredictable celebrities and the privilegentia.

I once read a story about the founders of EKO Hospital where they revealed that perhaps one of the secrets of their success was that they agreed to keep their spouses out of their business. They also agreed to groom one of their kids (as doctors) to take over from them in future. I’d someday interview Dayo and Kenny together to personally find out the secrets of their consistency.

Do I think they never encounter issues that challenge (read threaten) their relationship? No way! I’m sure they fight, but they settle when they fight. They do not allow whatever differences they have to outweigh the things they share in common which bind them irreversibly together. I can only imagine the role openness, sincerity, love and forbearance play in their relationship. Truly exemplary, worthy of emulation.

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I just felt like calling out these unique, successful yet unassuming gentlemen this morning and use them as a point of contact for true friendship and fidelity. God bless them and continue to keep them together and enlarge their coast.

Good morning, my dear friends!

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