From the moment we met first met when I was doing my A-Level at Anwar-Islam College, Agege in 1985, we somehow just knew that this was the start of something special…..

From the moment we realised we’d BOTH found someone who shares the same HOPES and dreams for the future……

From the moment we were MARRIED, and began making everything we’d ever WISHED for come true…..

Each and every day that you’ve been part of my life has made me feel COMPLETE……

Every single moment we’ve spend TOGETHER has made me feel so PROUD to be your HUSBAND……

So for last year, this year and all the ANNIVERSARIES that are still to come…..

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I hope you know just how much I LOVE, and how much I always will.

Thank you for another year of LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS.

Love is a beautiful thing.

Happy wedding anniversary


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