Cry in shame, leap in pain or jump off again…in angst?

The ground is rolling, nausea flowing/Who ever said Nigeria was a-growing?

A country at war, divided decades ago…yes we saw the cracks, covered and crushed.

Crushed cracks don’t go away/The blood and the tears don’t evaporate/hunger doesn’t dissipate.

Hatred and anger will find a home underground for now, with 2023 in sight. We are like a composite volcano though, ready to erupt anytime.

What can stop it?

The Underground will likely burst open. Sadly and joyously, an unbeautiful eruption.

Deadly concoctions are leading to this. A day when phoenix-like, the cracks will boldly re-emerge, bolting round the nation like Usain, a trail of fire and hatred stoked by hunger and rhetoric.

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Who will survive it?

Fiery chasms consuming the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

How do you stop it?

Happy Valentine’s Day Nigeria. Forget for one day the precipice you stand before.


© Adedayo Adefila February 14, 2021

Adedayo is a poet and author who writes about the transformations happening in Nigeria and the world

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