France: Schools shut after a child tests positive for coronavirus days after classrooms reopened


Eight schools have been closed in one city in northern France after a child tested positive for coronavirus.

Seven public schools and one private institution were shuttered in the city of Roubaix, on the Belgian border, on Monday morning.

It comes after a child in a reception class which went back to school last week was confirmed to be carrying the virus.

Around 70 cases have been detected in French school since lessons resumed for younger pupils last week.

The schools were closed ‘as a precaution’ while investigators try to determine who the child has been in contact with.

It was initially reported that seven schools had closed, but local outlet La Voix du Nord later said an eighth had also shuttered.

Authorities said that most of the affected schools will be able to reopen by May 25.

France is pushing ahead with moves to reopen public schools despite widespread concern from parents that their children cannot be adequately protected.


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