City News reports that Yinka Ayefele, a popular Nigerian gospel singer has risen on his feet again after years of being stuck to a wheelchair.

Yinka Ayefele who became paralysed after being involved in a life-threatening accident left his fans and followers on social media overwhelmed after sharing a powerful video that captured the inspiring moment.

The popular Nigerian gospel singer achieved this feat with the help of a highly-sophisticated machine which was given to him by a good friend he identified as Hon. Oludare Akande.

Yinka Ayefele was seen in the video strapped to the machine which helped him stand on his feet. Some close friends were also present to witness the moment.

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Sharing the video with his fans, Yinka Ayefele said: “I feel so relieved of my pain…Hon Oludare Akande bought this for me.You will never experience pains in your entire life. Thanks so much..Dare Akande tinje Obama lamerica… You raise my hope of walking again. I believe!!!”

Watch Yinka Ayefele standing below…