Whatever is meant by below growth performance rate captured in the sack letter by Oyedepo’s Winners church to its 40 parish pastors is an assault to the human conscience.

The sounding of the letter from the church authorities is sacrilegious and unscriptural. It gives the impression of a business enterprise out to reconcile it’s books and balance sheet.

One wonders at what else could be accountable to the so called ‘below performance growth rate’ than low incomes which again centers on tithing and monetary contributions. It’s a shame.

One may begin to ask the pertinent questions, what other monies does Oyedepo want from his members after building one of the biggest church auditoria on earth, owning at a time three private jets, owning Covenant University, about the most expensive private University in Africa, and other oversized investments accounting for his name and his church?.

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Another necessary question is; how does sacking 40 pastors for underperformance count for kingdom calls that he’s busy preaching to the gullible members of his congregation worldwide?

So not meeting revenue targets by these pastors now does not qualify them to seek the kingdom of God meant for the righteous?

If a good man of God like TB Joshua can die to go and meet his creator, why is a man the age of Oyedepo, above 70yrs, not thinking also of meeting his creator but instead is busy thinking of growing his earthly kingdom ministry or should I say, earthly business enterprise?

Sacking as much as 40 pastors is clear manifestation of irrationality, a rude negation of godly principles and hegelian philosophy of rationality as a domain of reality.

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Oyedepo and his congregation continues to wake some of us on the flip side and continue to be the reason why the true children of God are mocked and stoned to bear the wrath of the growing tribe of the antichrist.
Shame on Oyedepo and his cohorts.

Odo Ijere.

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