The Vice President of Nigeria-American Group for Democratic Governance (NAGDS), and the founder of Richmond Group of Schools, Chief Victor Bruno Omoregbe recently granted an interview to City News Group. Below is the full interview, enjoy!

Please tell us a little bit about your background in Nigeria and Benin Republic.

Answer – My names are Chief Dr. Victor Bruno Omoregbe, osakue, Adolo 1 of Usenedo, and I went to St Joseph primary school and ozolua Grammer school ologbo & institute of continue education (ICE) for my (HSC) in Benin city, Edo state Nigeria and was formally the UPN YOUTH LEADER in 1979, I graduated from University of Benin bachelor’s of public Administration, university of Atlanta for my Masters in Management & university of Cumbria London for my Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration.

I was once the APC diaspora chairman République du Bénin and I still double as the south south leader under the Nigerians in diaspora organisation affiliated to the Nigeria Embassy and I am also an Administrator of a University which is in partnership with University of Atlanta, USA and AMERICAN NATIONAL COLLEGE.

As the founder and Chancellor, what steps have you taken to adequately position the institute for the future?.

. Answer – we operated from 2013 as Richmond international university Benin in partnership with the University of Atlanta, USA LIBRARY IN COTONOU & American National college with form 1- 20 for international students and we have started diversifying in Nigeria by opening and building our main campus Victor Bruno Business school at Badagry, Lagos State.
We are Strategically positioning education through proficient partnerships of domineering by applying skillful knowledge.

Having spent about three decades in Benin Republic, tell us your experience as a citizen there?

Answer – I am spending 41years of my adult lives and My experiences in the République of Benin has always revolved around the concept of citizen diplomacy whereby as a community leader in all stratas of direct & indirect interventions in the well-being of my compatriots here in Benin who are displaced or stranded while passing through benin being the first country you enter and pass through when leaving Nigeria along the west coast either having been robbed by miscreants or helping Nigerian women traders though birth and death as the case might be, in the process we sacrifices our energy, time, financial muscles to cater and ameliorate extreme situations.

How would you compare democratic rule in Nigeria compared to that of Republic of Benin? Are there similarities?

.Answer – democratic governance is based on democratic orientations of the people. In contrast, we are the same African people on the context of electoral riggings, violence induced electionary campaigns, outright vote stealings, iccumbency impunity display and proper sensitization of the people based on issue based electoral promises. There is only one difference that is electionary killing & thuggery practised in Nigeria whereas in Benin République there is nothing like that in Benin.

NAGDS – What does it stand for, tell us a bit of the main thrust of the biggest NGO in Africa?

Answer – NAGDS stands for NIGERIA AMERICAN GROUP FOR DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT FOUNDATION Since 1998. NAGDS FOUNDATION Stands for good governance & democratic support and it has an arm that is into charity works that is called food bank. This arm is dispensing food to the poor and needy Nigerians and we are incollaboration with foodbank UNITED KINGDOM.

As the Vice-President of the group, what are your roles?

Answer – the role of the vice president is to deputise on all Administrative processes & Strategic plans for the way forward but as the acting president, I am into Strategic plannings & coordinating all policies on Administration.

Where do you see NAGDS in the next five years in Africa’s scheme of things?

Answer- honestly, NAGDS will become a household reference point in Democratic support, foodbank, widow support and good governance in Nigeria.

Is the group getting any funding or grant for anywhere, if not how’s it funded?

Answer – Presently, we do not get fundng from any sources right now but we are having some philanthropist as member’s who are donating to finance our various projects

Recently, Nigeria celebrated 20 years of uninterrupted democracy, how do see democracy in Nigeria. Has the country picked lessons on democracy?

Answer – participatory democracy is here to stay with us as a unique form of government that can cater for inclusive governance otherwise if it fails then agitations for other forms of government will be the order of the day. We have not learnt any lessons because of divergent interest and corrupt practices that is undermining the structures of governance thereby weakening the conhession of the governmental structures.

Can you tell us your next challenge in life, NAGDS and Richmond International Institute.

Answer – My next challenge in life is the continuous life of services to the people by getting involved in elective positions to be able to practice what I am preaching by helping the people to achieving a qualitative Life and as a member of NAGDS to be able to contribute qualitatively while on my educational interest is to be able get to the zenith of educational revelance.

Can you tell us what you think Nigeria should do to true path of democracy.

Answer – what I think Nigeria should do to achieve the true path of democracy is as follows –
A) sound & credible election.

B) Credible Campaign based issues.

C) umbaised election umpires.

D) the incumbency impunity & immunity clauses.

E) straightening the security services to serve the national interest not the incumbent interest.

F) setting educational & morality standards for all aspirants.

Thank you for having the time for this interview with your respectable journal.