REPORT: Nigeria Govt Grants Dangote Export Waiver… Despite Border Closure

In a move that could be translated by observers as giving the company a preferential treatment over others, the federal government has given Dangote group the approval to move its product to neighbouring countries through land borders.

According to Bloomberg, the special waiver granted to the conglomerate would give free reign to transport its products across the Nigerian borders into other West African countries.

Bloomberg quoted Dangote Group’s Michel Puchercos as saying the company will now be able to export cement to Togo and Niger following “an authorisation given by this administration.”

It was unclear why Buhari singled Dangote out for commercial clearance through land borders, which have been shut since August last year.

The administration argued the closure, which left thousands stranded because it was not announced prior to implementation, was designed to allow consumption of home-grown products.

The government carried out the policy despite criticism from other West African countries whose leaders said Nigeria’s action undermined the spirit of the newly-signed continental free trade agreement.

In its report on Monday, Bloomberg said Dangote’s waiver could open a way for other companies to seek special concessions to export across the border, although this was not immediately confirmed by any government official.

However, the development has been greeted with criticism with many saying action of the government further validates the notion of a section of the public that the government helps Dangote to consolidate his monopoly on some sectors of the economy.


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