Gana leaked shocking security details before his death.

CityNews Nigeria had reported earlier that the wanted Benue gang leader Terwase Akwaza popularly known as Gana was killed in a gun battle with operatives according to the Nigerian military but Governor Sam Ortom of Benue State alleged he was seized from a convoy of repentant militants on its way to the Government House for a peace meeting.

Commander of the Four Special Forces command, Doma local government area, Brigadier General Maude Ali Gadzama, confirmed the Wanted Benue gang leader was gunned down in a battle with operatives.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday night in Doma LGA of Nasarawa state, headquarters of the 4 Special Forces Command where the lifeless body of the wanted Gana was paraded, Major General Gadzama Ali said: “I invited you this evening to witness another breakthrough by troops on operation AYEM APKATUMA III.

“At about 1200hrs today, we received strategic information on the movement of the dreaded bandit named Terwase Akwaza Agbadu AKA Gana along Gbese-Gboko-Makurdi road.

“Troops on operation AYEM APKATUMA III moved swiftly and mounted snap roadblocks along routs at 1300hrs, there was a meeting engagement with the convoy of the dreaded bandit AKA Gana. A shot out ensured and he was killed.”

However, a video of Gana has emerged after his death, where he had an interview with Channels Television during which he named the four states armed herdsmen are interested in capturing.

The four states herdsmen want to capture are in the northern part of Nigeria and they are Plateaus, Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa state.

His words: “I followed the Fulani herdsmen, they led me to Niger after that they led me to Cameroon after that they led me Nigeria and they started saying that they had clashed in Nigeria.

“They told me they have about four states they want to capture being Plateau, Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa state. The Fulani herdsmen brought people to me and they told me that the people will choose which state to sponsor, so the person that called me said he wants to sponsor us to capture Taraba state.

So when I went to collect the brief for the job (capturing of Taraba state) to start, I told them that they should give me N1 billion, the sponsors said the money was too much and they started negotiating after which they gave me N50 million and I told them N50 million was too small that they should give me at least N750 million because Taraba state has tight security so they should give me the money so I can negotiate with the security agents in Taraba and know how the fight will go on but the sponsors said that was too much and they gave me N350 million but I refused to fight with N350 million.” Asked if he collected the N350 million, Gana replied: “No”.

“When I refused, they didn’t give me the money because the money was too small to fight against the security in Taraba state.”

Watch the video below…