Sunday Igboho is fighting a reasonable cause but he is being led by emotions. You don’t expect Seyi Makinde to back such cause openly as the State 001 . He is the governor voted by the Yorubas, Igbos, and Hausas living in Oyo State. You don’t expect him to lead with emotions.

There are better ways to handle issues like this and I believe he has his own plans as well. The major concern shouldn’t be about particular tribe but how to curb insecurity in those parts of the State. This tribe obviously has the backing of the country’s number one citizen.

While some unreasonable APC folks see this as an attack on Makinde’s leadership, I see it as a call on Yoruba leadership to determine their region’s fate in the future. This whole thing is never about Makinde and Igboho but Makinde was trapped in the whole scenario as the Governor.

BREAKING:Gov Makinde Orders Arrest Of Sunday Igboho For Stoking Tension In Oyo State

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This cause is also not about Igboho but the dying Yoruba towns in SW. We have heard news of these ruthless herdsmen killing and kidnapping our dear friends, family, and all(related by region). They have killed a lot of people so the victims are the only people with the truth.

Igboho is only trying to show concerns in fairness to him. Makinde on the other hand is right for being diplomatic because he sworn to protect the law and the people. I hope to see Igboho shift the focus from the tribe and work closely with the State security outfits (Amotekun) to curb banditry and other criminal elements in the Part of the State. That would make the whole cause a legal one within the State law.