We would like to tell the international communities and every Nigerian that this morning 1st of April, 2021, a letter was sent via DHL to Chief Sunday Igboho but the letter was not received by his security operatives.
Later around 3pm of same day a team of about 6 men without uniform arrived in a corolla car and another 9 were in police uniform but all were identified as police officers.
They wanted to see chief Sunday Igboho with a letter said to have been addressed to him by the Inspector General of Police. Again the letter was not received by chief Sunday’s security team.
Chief Sunday would like to know why a letter was sent to him and for what purpose. If the IG of police wants to invite him, we would like him to first send same letter to all the bandits and boko-haram killing our mother’s and farmers and those kidnapping them.

Since the IG of police wants to invite him, he should make a public statement addressed to Chief Sunday Igboho.

We should all remember how letters had been sent to previous Yoruba Sons like Late Dele Giwa.

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Olayomi Koiki
Chief Sunday Ivboho
1st April 2021


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