With the gruelling realities which accompanied the previous year, 2020, nothing appeared to be more uncertain than entering another year which closely followed a year with many negative and negating experiences. From the global economic meltdown to the deaths of loved ones and the mutation of human relations never witnessed before in humanity’s existence, it became one long nightmarish encounter.  Yet, like in other dispensations of God’s interactions with man, He has never left himself without a witness.

His unfailing power, unceasing love and the veracity of His promises have been revalidated over and over again. This came into fruition when God, through His prophet and servant, T.B. Joshua, senior cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, under God’s directive released the New Anointing water and Sticker, at the commencement of the year to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and for the salvation of the soul. The testimonies have been unprecedented. From Europe to America, Asia and Africa, it has been one long list of the affirmation of God’s power and presence in these faith articles. Long before the advent of the COVID-19 vaccine, Prophet Joshua had reached out through the medium of the Emmanuel TV to millions of infected individuals across the world with attendant testimonies of healing and deliverance.

In a rare lead by God’s spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua met with Emmanuel TV Partners across Nigeria to give them the New Anointing Water and Sticker. The meeting was both inspiring and filled with amazing testimonies of God’s power and the miraculous became the lot of many who were present at the meeting. In his message to the partners, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “We have something to test our faith. If we do not have anything to test our faith, how do we know that we have faith?” Regarding the current situation in the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua told the partners: “We were aware that a time like this was coming and it has come.”

And then the ministration of healing and deliverance commenced through the man of God. For over twenty-one years, James had been unable to raise his right arm fully due to shoulder pain. At the point of impact of God’s Spirit, James had felt a sharp sensation at the point of his pain, following which he received instantaneous healing in the name of Jesus Christ!

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Nancy from Delta had been suffering from poor vision until she received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting in Nigeria. To demonstrate her healing she read flawlessly from the Bible.

A woman came with the problem of arthritis in both knees. Despite her knee braces, she could barely walk. After the touch from God’s servant, she received her healing instantly and could walk freely again.

For eight long and tortuous years, Queen had a burning sensation in the chest, especially after eating. Even when she went to India for treatment, doctors had been unable to find the root of her problem. To God’s glory, she received her perfect healing after a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua.

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Adeniyi received his healing from severe waist pain and general body numbness after God’s power worked wonders in his body. Unable to contain his excitement, he exclaimed in Yoruba: “Mi o ni pain mo!” meaning “I no more have pain!”

Chinedu had come to the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting in Nigeria with the problems of piles, poor vision and general body pain. After a touch from God’s servant, he felt instant pain at the location of the piles. He demonstrated his healing by exercising his body.

A military officer could now stretch his right leg and right arm without pain after God’s power located him at the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting in Nigeria.

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After sand blew into Gladys’ eyes, they became irritable and painful, thereby affecting her vision. After a touch from God’s servant, her eyes became clear again and she could see clearly again.

For seven years, a man who had come had the problem of noise in the ears. Despite taking a diverse range of medications, he got no relief. To the glory of God, the hissing noise in his ears vanished after he was touched by God. “Thank You, Jesus!” he said.

For Emmanuel, there is no more eye pain and he can now see clearly. He is also delivered from the effects of a snake bite scar on his back.

For Michael, it was instantaneous healing from stomach ulcers of 15 years, following a heavenly touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the meeting.

Oyetimi writes via [email protected]

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